First Class Chemical Distribution and Hazardous Waste Management


All our Packaging is UN approved to meet with today’s exacting standards and to ensure that your product is delivered to you in a safe and compliant manner.

We offer products in the following packaging:

  • • Dedicated bulk road tankers.
  • • Semi bulk pumpovers in 1000 litre vessels.
  • • 1000 litre Plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCS).
  • • 1000 litre Schutz SX/EX Zone 2 Anti Static Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCS) specifically designed for the safe handling and transportation of flammable solvents.
  • • 205/25/20 litre Plastic and Steel drums.
  • • Free issue packaging for your waste requirements.

A specification for all our packaging is available on request.

purchem packaging